Machining Indarpak was founded in 1995 as a family business.

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Machining Indarpak was founded in 1995 as a family business, with a basic activity focused on the manufacture and machining of parts, in medium and small batches, for the high-precision assembly industry.

Since its beginning, Machining Indarpak has prospered by focusing on providing its clients with the complete cycle, delivering their parts with the best quality, term and price. To this end, we strive to use and implement the latest methodologies in terms of manufacturing processes and quality control, relying on different Lean tools, as well as incorporating state-of-the-art CNC machinery. In 2009, we set up our technical department to develop, together with our clients, the optimised 3D design for the parts to be manufactured. We also use CAM to execute the machining programs for these parts.

Constitution (285m2)
Change to 450m2
Acquisition 1st lathe CNC
Acquisition 1st CNC machining center
2nd Generation Incorporation
ISO 9001
New facilities of approximately 1000m2 in Iurreta
Incorporation of Technical Office to the organization chart
Incorporation / Implementation of ERP

We have the latest version 2022.1 of HYPERMILL. An essential tool in combination with our GROB350 machining center.

Our commitment to quality is constant.
For this reason, in 2022 we have incorporated a new CRYSTA APEX V measuring machine from the Mitutoyo brand.
Our quality department ensures a necessary control in all our products.

We have different CNC lathes, many of them CMZ, like the most recent one of the TC series.
During 2023 we will incorporate another model from its catalog for the manufacture of large hydraulic cylinders from our Hydraulics line.

We have different machining centers, the last one a GROB G350 5-Axis, acquired with the aim of strengthening our presence in Sectors such as Hydraulics or Defense.
This center will provide us with unlimited possibilities in the manufacture of new parts for these sectors.
It will have a Multi-pallet system, thus increasing our productive capacity.